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Paid NHL Writing Jobs: Today’s Slapshot Gig Board

Today’s Slapshot is quickly becoming a desirable destination for both free agent writers and scribes that are simply looking to get paid for their work. If you’ve got experience and a desire to help make this industry a better place, we want to hear from you.

We are looking to add writers who are self-motivated, able to generate story ideas and have the ability to write feature stories more than 500 words in length (preferably 600-800 words). The ability to write quality stories (situational feature or column) without quotes and not in first person is also needed.

We are not looking for game previews or recaps at this time, but here’s what we are looking for right now (Updated through 8/16/15):

  • Featured Fantasy Hockey Columnist - We’re looking for someone to take the ball and run with this one. We want to beef up our fantasy coverage next season. If you’ve got the hustle and experience, we’d like to work with you.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs Columnist - Do you love the Maple Leafs? Know their system in and out and want to share your thoughts with one of the largest fan bases in all of sports? We’d like to work with you.
  • Detroit Red Wings Columnist - Do you live and breathe all things Winged Wheel? Always sharing your ideas about the team with your friends and looking for a new outlet? We’d like to work with you.
  • Montreal Canadiens Columnist - Want to tell the world why Max Pacioretty is the most underrated goal scorer in the NHL? Looking for a site that wouldn’t mind if you wrote in French sometimes? We’d like to work with you.
  • Boston Bruins Columnist - Want to help tide the panic that is sweeping through Beantown? Or help push that forward? Either way, we’d like to work with you.
  • New York Rangers Columnist - After solid back-to-back years, interest in the Blueshirts might be at an all-time high. Want to ride the wave with us? Cool! Because we’d like to work with you. (FILLED)
  • New York Islanders Columnist - Are you sticking with the Islanders through their move to Brooklyn? Have interesting thoughts on all things Isles? We’d like to work with you.
  • Vancouver Canucks Columnist - We’d love to add a passionate individual looking to up the ante for our Canucks coverage. If this is you then we’d like to work with you.
  • Chicago Blackhawks Columnist - If you’re an experienced Blackhawks writer and know the organization inside and out, we’d like to work with you.
  • Winnipeg Jets Columnist - Are you a proud member of one of the most outstanding, boisterous hockey communities around? If so, we’d like to work with you.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets Columnist - Do you love the cannon? We’d like to work with you. (FILLED)
  • Lead AHL Columnist - Do you watch the AHL more than the NHL? Get out to games all the time and know a lot about the A in general? We’d like to work with you.
  • News Desk Writer - Have you performed news desk duties at other sites before? Interesting in getting paid for helping us stay up-to-date with things as they break? We’d like to work with you.
  • Open positions at the Divisional level - Maybe you’ve taken your fandom and evolved into an individual that loves to watch a handful of teams. If you have high-end knowledge of more than one team in any given division or the NHL in general, we’d like to work with you.

If any of these openings interest you (or you have something else in mind), email TodaysSlapshot (@) Gmail (dot) com with a handful of samples and answers to the following questions:

1. Where have you written about the NHL or hockey in the past? If you’re no longer with the outlet, why did you decide to leave?

2. What are your goals in this industry and what could TSS do to help you achieve them?

3. Are you able to commit to a set schedule that you’d adhere to on a weekly basis? If so, what is your general availability?

4. Do you have any skills outside of writing that could be of value to the site?

5. List five story ideas or angles that you’d be interested in writing about if given the opportunity to come on board.

6. Anything else you think we should know about you, feel free to tell us.


Lots of extra points go to individuals that have an updated resume. Thanks a lot for your interest. Please keep in mind that we receive multiple emails a day regarding open positions and we won’t be able to respond to everyone individually. If there’s a fit, we’ll let you know.

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