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Java on Ice: Issues Looming for Blackhawks

Java on Ice: Issues Looming for Blackhawks
Franklin Steele

| Java on Ice: 3.23.15 Edition |

Every day we’re going to do our absolute best to bring you the top NHL reads from around the web.

Sometimes we’ll pull from larger sites like, but for the most part the goal will be to sort through dozens of posts from more mid-range sites so you can see some things that maybe wouldn’t have made it onto your radar normally. If you like what these sites do then give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter, and share the content that you love!

Hockey fans make up one of the best communities around, and in a lot of ways, we’re all in it together.

Without further delay… your top posts for March 23, 2015.

It’s time to look forward at the offseason for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mike Augello looks at the team’s recent moves and what fans could expect from the new players.

The Chicago Blackhawks have been playing well lately, but there are three things that they could struggle with come playoff time. Skylar Peters breaks the possibilities down.

Looking for just a bit of help as you make the push in your fantasy hockey league? Mike Clifford has a handful of lightly owned players that could make the difference for you. From

Could Olli Maatta have won the Norris Trophy through a healthy season? An interesting question from Michael Pityk for

Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid both appear to be big-game players, as Mike G. Morreale points out at

An excellent look at how the NHL’s CBA impacts college hockey players. Andy Johnson bills this post at as a cheat sheet, but there’s a ton of great info here.

Rob Soria wonders if Nail Yakupov is trade bait or a building block for a perpetually rebuilding Edmonton Oilers team. Good stuff from

Actions speak louder than words for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Peter Horachek hasn’t been happy with his team’s lack of work ethic lately, and Steven Andrews has that story for

What’s going on with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms? They’ve missed the playoffs in six straight seasons, and Travis Hughes wonders why they’ve been so bad.

The Detroit Red Wings took a tough game against the against the St. Louis Blues over the weekend, and it was exactly what the team needed, writes Tom Mitsos for

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Franklin Steele has been watching and playing hockey since the age of six. He’s written for a variety of NHL websites around the web, and now is the director of content and growth for A lot of folks say they are living the dream sarcastically. He is not among them. Feel free to email him or Tweet at him with any questions, comments or concerns.

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