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Fantasy Hockey Injury Playoff Bingo

Fantasy Hockey Injury Playoff Bingo
Chris Wassel

With all the Game 1’s in the books now, there were some pretty goofy things that happened. Fourth liners were scoring like first liners and goalies who were all-world were brought down to size in some cases. There really has been a lot of crazy stuff just a few days in and it only gets more nutty from here on out. The best part with these type of things is we will look at the past, present, and future. But let’s look at the infirmary this time around.

Someone call a medic already!

Into The Playoff Walking Wounded

Braden Holtby — G — Washington Capitals

Suddenly Holtby did not skate on Friday morning as scheduled and Philipp Grubauer was called up. That means uh oh! No matter the ultimate result, it is clear there is an illness but good friend and Washington expert, Ted Starkey, provided this nugget below:

Interesting. He got banged up vs. Detroit 2 weeks ago. And he hasn’t looked good since outside Boston game.

This is probably quite true. The goalie has not looked right ever since as a whole and some of those goals given up against the Islanders were pretty bad. There have been far too many three or more goals given up games lately and then as if that were not enough, here is what came out of Capitals camp come late Friday morning.

The key words are “the plan is to start him”. Most people will meet this with a good bit of skepticism and rightfully so. Do you really believe the words that are coming out of Barry Trotz’s mouth. The answer is likely no but the situation again almost leads to a classic case of misinformation to confuse the Islanders. It certainly has caused a stir in media, betting, and fantasy hockey outlets already so that did not take long. Saturday is another day. Maybe he will still be sick if he has been since before Game 1.


Mark Stone — RW — Ottawa Senators

The playoffs started and Ottawa may have as lost their hottest player already in Stone, who was slashed by P.K. Subban almost midway into the Montreal-Ottawa Game 1. This caused a microfracture in Stone’s wrist along with lots of controversy. Basically he did not play much after, could not make any real impact anyway, and has skated optionally to boot.

So how effective can he be? I guess that is the thing we will find out. However, playoff poolies just have to be sickened right now to see him out and then there is this next guy. At least this might be more encouraging.


Max Pacioretty — LW — Montreal Canadiens

The fact that Pacioretty was cleared for contact before Game 1 created a buzz. Now there is word he is even closer to playing in Game 2. That sound you heard from Montreal is a loud oooohhhh!

This is just the okay wait for the game time for the decision. There is some divide on this but it appears no go right now. However, in case something does change then be ready and be ready fast! This cloak and dagger stuff is what drives fantasy playoff owners out of their minds.


P.A. Parenteau  — W — Montreal Canadiens

Hey we have an easy one here. Parenteau will not play on Friday night with what is being deemed an upper body injury. He has been ruled our for Game 2 and might be out even longer.

Alas you have to wonder if it is the head again. Concussions and post concussion syndrome are never easy to recover from and symptoms seemingly can appear to return out of nowhere. Hopefully it is not that serious but for him to be ruled out that quickly again creates more concern that the injury is at least significant if not serious.


Travis Hamonic — D — New York Islanders

Hamonic was out with an undisclosed injury on Wednesday and it appears much the same on Friday barring a miraculous change we all missed. Does anyone know what the actual malady is? No. Does it affect your playoff pools? Yes. This is just another case where the secrets and lies get spread thicker than any peanut butter or jam out there. Just wait as the playoff go on, this is only going to get worse anyway. We have only just begun as they say because whether it is undisclosed or known, coaches want to keep other coaches guessing. It is all apart of the chess game here.

Good luck fantasy playoff poolies out there and if there are any questions, fire them away @ChrisWasselDFS. Thanks for reading.

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Chris Wassel

Never stop learning! That has always been my philosophy in life. It applies to hockey writing so well as new challenges are something to strive for. I have been a fantasy hockey writer way back when it wasn’t quite so cool, covered the Devils for a variety of places and still do, have a small hockey site of my own, and even write about all things NHL, AHL, ECHL, KHL, etc. Usually I am first asked who I don’t write for. For Today’s Slapshot, I will be covering the Atlantic Division.

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