Edmonton Oilers Projected 2015-16 Lineup

Edmonton Oilers Projected 2015-16 Lineup
Sebastian Noren
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With the Edmonton Oilers winning the draft lottery and getting the first overall pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, they could have the golden ticket to finally turning the franchise around. It’s 99.9% likely that they’ll use that pick to bring Connor McDavid to Edmonton, and he will be painted up as the hockey Messiah for a team that has been underperforming for years now despite selecting high in the draft.

This is my prediction of how the Oilers will line up on opening night next season.

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  • Joe

    This is clearly an article written by someone who has no actual experience watching the Oilers play. Split up Nuge and Ebs at the start of next season…? Put Ebs back on a line with Hall…? Cmon. The most success Ebs has ever had in the NHL has been while playing AWAY from Hall. Hall has shown he is all his line needs to put up #s. Nuge and Ebs have also shown a chemistry comparable with only a very select few elite players in the league.

    No, this projected lineup (while looking nice on paper perhaps) fails to grasp the reality of the situation. McDavid will be 18 years old in the fall, and giving him a bit of an edge in his first NHL year by NOT playing him against the opposition’s top forwards is how he will develop best. Nuge has shown that he is more than capable of playing that sound defensive game. He has shown that he is more than capable of handling some of the toughest minutes in the league, while still being defensively responsible AND putting up strong offensive numbers. Suggesting otherwise is nothing but taking the errs of the team as a whole and placing them solely on Nuge. The goaltending and defence of the Oilers has been abysmal over the past few years – and this is reflected in Nuge’s +/-, not indicative of his talent and versatility.

    On top of this, this “projection” just wrote off Hendrix and Klinkhammer, two players who have proven their value to the organization immediately upon their respective arrivals. The so called “wagon line” of Gordon Klink and Hendrix was (perhaps sadly) the Oiler’s most reliable line. Messing with it (for Pakarinen and Fraser?!) is nothing short of silly. Finally, the projection (hopefully erroneously) makes no mention of free agent pick ups or potential trade targets.

    I’ll leave you with this. My projection (or more accurately, my hope) of what the Oilers’ lineup COULD look like if MacT makes the right moves and decisions this summer.

    1) Pouliout Nuge Ebs
    2) Hall McDavid (Purcell, but hopefully not. Preferably a big aggressive power forward LW)
    3) Roy Lander Yak
    4) Hendrix Gordon Klinkhammer


    1) Klefbom (Free Agent/ Trade Target – dangle Draisatl maybe, though ideally they get it from trading future picks)
    2) Schultz Nurse
    3) Fayne Ference
    7th/8th D: Nikitan Aulie

    Bare with me… Schneider (THIS is the big trade MacT should go after this summer. Packaging the Pittsburgh 1st round, Marincin, and Broissant. Throw in a conditional 2016 3rd if we make the playoffs to sweeten the deal)

Sebastian Noren

Swede living in America for the past nine years. Producer at ESPN Radio in Bakersfield, CA. Covers the Arizona Coyotes for Swedish-based Host of SvenskaFans’ NHL podcast (in Swedish), and can also be heard on Real Hockey Talk on AM1480 KPHX on Saturdays at noon MT. Arizona State University graduate.

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