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Andrew Shaw Goes Headhunting on Barret Jackman

Andrew Shaw Goes Headhunting on Barret Jackman
Franklin Steele

How do you know it’s almost NHL playoff time? Because the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues are really taking it to each other out in the ice. Andrew Shaw and Barret Jackman are the latest players from those two teams that probably won’t be attending each other’s birthday party.

With a 1-0 lead in the second period, the ‘Hawks lost control of the puck during entry and it ended up behind the St. Louis net. Jackman was the first player back, and you can see Shaw hone in on the defenseman immediately. The Blackhawks forward takes a few hard strides before launching himself at the Blues defenseman.

Jackman sees Shaw coming and appears to be able to adjust at the last second, but this is still a dangerous play and one that the NHL has been working diligently to remove from the game. Flying elbows that could double as WWE finishers, that is.

All joking aside, it’s a good thing that Jackman wasn’t hurt on this play. It’s mildly reminiscent of infamous Brent Seabrook hit on David Backes from last year’s playoffs.

Worth of note: if the playoffs started right this second, the Blues and Blackhawks would play each other in the first round. Since the hit the Blues have scored two goals and now carry a 2-1 lead towards the end of the second period.

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  • BleedBlue

    Apparently he won’t get a suspension. I think he should get a game or two. if you pause it right at the time of contact (his shoulder into jackmans shoulder/chest), his feet are off the ice. he takes strides right as he’s going into jackman, he’s clearly trying to speed up and clearly trying to hit as high as possible. Jackman didn’t duck the hit, he adjusted himself, which is why shaw didn’t get him in a dangerous spot. Ive seen blackhawks fans comment on message boards saying his feet were on the ice and that jackman ducked it, but neither are true.

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Franklin Steele

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