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You take pride in where you shop for clothes. You’re proud that you support the local economy by purchasing homegrown goods from farmers in your state. You go out of your way to get coffee from regional shops that use fair trade beans. Why should your experiences online be any different? Far too often sites are built on the back of free labor and then handed off to more nationally recognized names. Both the fans and the writers get lost in this exchange, and everything is done in the name of hits and traffic.

That’s not how we operate here at Today’s Slapshot. Every single one of our writers is paid, and paid well. We’re here to deliver outstanding features on a daily basis, sure. But we’re also here to change a rather thankless industry for better and for always. By reading our posts, you’re helping support the FanRag Sports Network in this quest—a quest to leave the Internet better than we found it.

Writing is a valuable skill and is incredibly undervalued by a majority of “name brand” websites; sites that you probably visit on a daily basis. We take pride in each and every post and stand by our thoughts and opinions. Quality is king here, and we will do our best to deliver the best and most interesting content to your desktop or mobile device every single day.

More important than anything is our commitment to interacting with you. The FANS. Many a site starts out as a fan-centric destination, only to have big bucks and sponsorships blind them to that cause. At TSS, the content you see now is the same as the content you’ll see two or three years from now. This is our endgame, and we want you to be as involved as possible.

We send cameras out to tailgates to talk with you. We’ll take your questions and turn them into full-length posts. We’ll chat with you on Twitter, Facebook or via email. Our commitment to you is simple. No click bait. No junk. No fabricated rumors and no recycled previews or reviews. Just analysis and opinion that you can either agree with or disagree with. And we want to hear from you.

So get off the bench. Be Seen, Be Heard and be a Fan. Take pride in where you get your content and know that you’re supporting an attempt to alter the Machine.

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