Slapshot Podcast

Slapshot Podcast — Knee Deep In Hypotheticals

Luke Lapinski, Jaime Eisner and Craig Morgan return to discuss the NHL All-Star Game, Connor McDavid’s Return, the Pacific Division and much more on the latest Today’s Slapshot podcast.

  • All-Star Game wrap-up
    • Overall impressions of new format
    • Most memorable all-star game ever?
    • John Scott and his moment
    • What tweaks can be made?
    • Will viewership last into 2017?
  • Connor McDavid
    • Does his return give the Oilers any hope?
    • What are your expectations for him down the stretch?
    • Look at updated Calder race
  • Pacific Division
    • Lead in with Domingue as RotM to discuss Arizona’s chances of hanging around
    • Sharks and Ducks are on fire right now.
    • Do 4 teams make it out of Pacific?
  • Three other semi-finalists
    • Aside from Chicago, which of the other three teams from last season’s Final 4 do you trust the most down the stretch?


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