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Post to Post Pod – Episode 28 “The Dangle”

This week’s episode of the Post to Post show was flavored just slightly over the edge, as Rick and Craig welcomed Steve Dangle and his take on the euphoria that has bubbled over north of the border. He breaks down where the Maple Leafs stand and what they still have to do. A coach gets fired, the lottery was won, and award season is creeping closer, as the guys hopscotch their way across the NHL.

As always, the show is recorded “live” in front of a studio audience consisting of three dogs and two cats that aren’t really into hockey. Follow Rick and Craig on Twitter at @rickgethin and @icer12. If you’re not following Steve Dangle, why not? Rectify that omission here: @Steve_Dangle.

As the guys always say, it’s podcasting without a net…


Segment 1 – Headlines

Boudreau gets the axe

Toronto won the draft lottery and every fan outside Edmonton rejoiced. The Oilers’ faithful? Um, not so much…


Segment 2 – Steve Dangle and his Leafs

The Maple Leafs did it the “hard way”

Marlies en fuego…

Babcock and his quest…

Kadri and Rielly get extensions, become mentors?

Auston Matthews seemed less-than thrilled when Toronto won the lottery

Dangle apologizes to America with a stirring moment of gravitas…


Segment 3 – Arizona Coyotes

The desert haze is lifting as the future gets brighter


Segment 4 – Under Review

Expansion moving forward as GM’s ponder who to protect

The Selke, Norris and Lady Byng winners are…

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