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Post to Post Pod – Episode 24 “Habalicious”

With the NHL regular season winding down, Rick and Craig put on their prognosticator hats in this week’s episode of Post to Post. Starting with the six game suspension to Duncan Keith and rolling right through to the NHL’s most overrated player, the duo hit on all the hot topics surrounding the league as the playoffs loom. They also welcome to the show veteran broadcaster Abe Hefter from Montreal, as he dishes the dirt on what has become of the Habs in this forgettable season for them.

As always, the show is recorded “live” in front of a studio audience consisting of two dogs and two cats that aren’t really into hockey. Follow Rick and Craig on Twitter at @rickgethin and @icer12. You can follow Abe Hefter on Twitter here: @hefteronthehabs

As the guys always say, it’s podcasting without a net…


Segment 1: Headlines

Duncan Keith suspended… and it wasn’t long enough

Stamkos out, but will it hurt the Lightning?

Flowers injured, again…


Segment 2: Habs Talk with Abe Hefter

Are the Canadiens really this bad?

How serious was the Price injury to the Habs hopes this season?

No Canadian teams in playoffs and its ramifications on viewership

Mike Condon: good, bad or just serviceable?

Will Michel Therrien be back next season?


Segment 3: Playoff Picture

Standings: who’s in and who’s out?

The Bruins are kind of “meh”…

Will Detroit miss playoffs?

Flyers getting better and the return of the rat in Florida

The Ducks are flying high

Does Dallas have “star” power for playoffs?

The Sharks are circling the Pacific waters…


Segment 4: Under Review

Makeup games and whether they will have any effect on playoff picture

The most overrated and the dirtiest players in the NHL…


This Post to Post theme song this week is “The Gael” by Pipes and Pints (Czech Rupublic) from their album Until We Die and used with permission.

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