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Post to Post Pod – Episode 23 “Inconsistent Discipline”


On the Easter Sunday edition of Post to Post, Rick and Craig hold the NHL’s feet to fire in regards to their inconsistency when it comes to supplemental discipline. They wish a happy birthday to Mr. Hockey, look at a “sure-lock” for the Vezina Trophy, discuss more players being drafted from non-traditional hockey markets and delve deeper into what might the (possible) upcoming expansion draft look like.

As always, the show is recorded “live” in front of a studio audience consisting of two dogs and two cats that aren’t really into hockey. Follow Rick and Craig on Twitter at @rickgethin and @icer12.

As the guys like to say, it’s podcasting without a net…


Segment 1: Headlines

Boarding and the game of hockey

Supplemental discipline is consistently inconsistent

Freezing the draft lottery at the trade deadline


Segment 2: Eastern Conference

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockey


Is Holtby a lock for the Vezina?

The good, the bad and the ugly…


Segment 3: Western Conference


Is the playoff field set in the West?

Will more players like Auston Matthews come from non-traditional markets?

Despondent Canadian teams…


Segment 4: Under Review

Diving deeper into possible ramifications of an upcoming expansion draft


The Post to Post theme song is “Forty-Four” from the Karma to Burn album “Appalachian Incantation

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