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Post to Post Pod – Episode 18 “Trading Places”

Twenty-four hours ahead of the NHL Trade Deadline Day, the guys are back at it with another jam-packed episode of Post to Post. With all of the deals that went down in the last seven days, will Monday be anticlimactic? The “Fire Sale” is running with full-force in Toronto, while Chicago is going “all-in” on another run for the Stanley Cup.

As always, the show is recorded “live”. It’s podcasting without a net…

Segment 1: Headlines

Eric Stall joins the blueshirts on Broadway

Do the Rangers have what it takes to win the Cup?

Chicago wants their fourth Cup in the last seven years…

Segment 2: Eastern Conference

Detroit plays outside in balmy Denver

The Rangers’ window is just barely still open to win the Cup

Can Florida make some waves in the post-season?

Steady as she goes, Captain Ovechkin…

Segment 3: Western Conference

Nashville is consistent, but Johansen has yet to shine…

Are the Blues on a “crash-and-burn” trajectory?

San Jose still hasn’t gone “all-in”…

The Kings are in cruise control mode

Segment 4: Under Review

The John Scott movie: who plays the part of Brent Burns?

The Wideman appeal saga drags on…

What’s to become of the Islanders and the Barclay’s Center?

Post to Post is available on iTunes and Soundcloud. The show’s theme song is “Forty-Four” from the album ”Appalachian Incantation” and used with permission of Karma to Burn.

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