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Post to Post Pod – Episode 14 “Puppy Love”

This week, we have a special Saturday All-Star Weekend edition of the Post to Post podcast for you. Rick Gethin and Craig Merz bring you a solid hour of puck talk with a “feel good” story to wrap everything together.

As always, the show is recorded live without any enhancements. Or as we like to call it, podcasting without a net…

Segment 1: Headlines

All-Star shenanigans abound…

Is it time for the NHL to do away with their All-Star Weekend?

Segment 2: Eastern Conference

The Habs are worse than the Blue Jackets and we explain why…

Will the rats return for an encore performance in Florida?

Roberto Luongo is flying under the radar, but for how much longer?

Segment 3: Western Conference

Have the Kings reached a plateau?

Can the Coyotes sustain their momentum?

Will we see players stay with one organization for the entire careers moving forward?

Why is Los Angeles/SoCal doing well as a hockey market?

Segment 4: Under Review

The suspension of Dennis Wideman and its ramifications

“Puppy Love” means YOU get a puppy…

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