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DSTG Ep. 31: Can the Riveters afford Wiseman as GM

Don’t Snow the Goalie is a women’s hockey podcast that believes in treating women’s sports like sports. Kate Cimini, Hannah Bevis and Kate Reeher focus on happenings in the NWHL (and occasionally the Canadian Women’s Hockey League) every week, whether that be a trade, expansion rumors or potential draft picks. They bring you the latest in the NWHL and CWHL, including front-office moves, game analysis, player stats and more.

Today, Cimini, Bevis and Reeher covered an American declaring for the CWHL Draft, NWHL front-office moves and the choice to make head coach and GM a combo role for the majority of the league, with particular respect paid to the New York Riveters, Kamloops updates and the complaint filed today with the EEOC by five members of the US Women’s Soccer Team.

The 2016 IIHF Women’s World Championship was first up, as during the recording of the podcast the US crushed Russia’s heart with a (6-0 victory). One topic of major concern for Bevis was Team USA’s inability to convert on the powerplay, which is less of a concern against Russia, but could be a major game changer against Canada should the refs decide to call things tightly. Those US/Canada games always get a little rough.

Next up was the CWHL Draft, with the declaration of an American (a Californian) for the CWHL draft causing some consternation. Reeher and Bevis pointed out the various pros and cons of the CWHL and the NWHL. The CWHL draft has opened, but the NWHL free agency period opens May 1 (unlike the April 1 that our dear podcast hosts said in the recording. April Fools!).

It’s going to be an interesting summer, particularly as the NWHL has named three new GMs. Reeher, Bevis and Cimini spent quite a bit of time dissecting what the GM/head coach combo positions could mean for the teams and the league, particularly for New York.

Opinions were split on if giving Chad Wiseman the reins on personnel decisions would mean a better balanced team and system for the Riveters. Finally, in a bit of non-hockey news, our hosts discussed the US Women’s National Soccer Team’s lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation, and what wider implications the case could have for women’s sports.

Thanks for tuning in! As always, you can follow along on Twitter at @madecunningly, @k_cimini and @Hannah_Bevis1.

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