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Dont Snow the Goalie

DSTG Ep. 29: An Act of War


Don’t Snow the Goalie is a women’s hockey podcast that believes in treating women’s sports like sports. Kate Cimini, Hannah Bevis and Kate Reeher focus on happenings in the National Women’s Hockey League (and occasionally the Canadian Women’s Hockey League) every week, whether that be a trade, expansion rumors or potential draft picks. They bring you the latest in the NWHL and CWHL, including front-office moves, game analysis, player stats and more.

In the second of a two-part podcast series (you can listen to the first one here), Don’t Snow the Goalie cohosts Hannah Bevis, Kate Cimini and Kate Reeher dive into what can only be described as probably the most eventful and maddening week in CWHL and NWHL hockey this season.

The podcast starts at the conclusion of the Isobel Cup stream, when a brief video was aired that teased possible expansion into two Canadian cities, Toronto and Montreal, both with established CWHL teams. The group discusses the immediate reaction and potential steps moving forward after such a controversial and perhaps ill-timed semi-announcement.

Bevis briefly touched on the CWHL’s new fundraising initiative, Pave the Way, a ball hockey tournament that will be happening in all four of the major CWHL cities in Canada – Toronto, Brampton, Calgary and Montreal.

Cimini broke down a recent story that’s taken the hockey world by storm when a supposed disgruntled employee emailed the CWHL and select media members with emails between Bauer and the NWHL discussing missed payments, which caused equipment delivers to be delayed or cancelled entirely. The discussion looks at the story from multiple angles, including what startup businesses have to prioritize and the bigger picture.

You can follow the Don’t Snow the Goalie crew on Twitter at @madecunningly, @k_cimini and @Hannah_Bevis1.


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