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DSTG Ep. 22: Battle Over Blake Bolden

The 22nd episode of the Don’t Snow the Goalie saw potential trade talk, some Amanda Kessel news and expansion into a whole new league.

For this episode, Kate Cimini, Hannah Bevis and Kate Reeher brought on Eric Wollschlager, Today’s Slapshot’s resident Beauts expert, to talk about the team in Buffalo and break down the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Wollschlager focused in on Kelley Steadman and Meghan Duggan’s chemistry together as well as some of the Beauts’ more underrated forwards. Cimini, Bevis and Reeher also looked ahead to the playoffs and discussed who might be the best matchup for the Beauts in the first round and what could give them the best chance to move forward.

The Pride have pulled to within one point of the Whale, something to chew over for season-long NWHL fans. Will Boston take over the number one spot in the league? Should they want to stay in second to potentially get a more favorable matchup going into the playoffs? Cimini, Bevis, Reeher and Wollschlager talk postseason matchups for the entire league as the Isobel Cup playoffs draw closer.

Things got headed in the next segment as all four put on their GM hats and made some trades to help improve league parity. Boston lost quite a few of their top players, the Riveters got an upgrade on defense (Blake Bolden), and Cimini appointed herself commissioner of the league in the process. Wonder if this is how normal GMs make trades…

After the dust settled from the trade talks, Bevis opened up the mailbag for this week, full of questions ranging from the Riveters offensive woes to Amanda Kessel’s possible move to a professional hockey team. Cimini called dibs. A lot. It was hard to get her to stop, to honest. Bevis then capped off the podcast by traveling to an alternate universe where each member of the podcast was named commissioner of the NWHL: all four talked about changes they would make to the league.

Thanks for listening this week! You can follow the hosts on Twitter @Hannah_Bevis1, @k_cimini and @madecunningly. You can also find tonight’s guest, Erik Wollschlager, @SchlagsWrites.

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