Dont Snow the Goalie

DSTG Ep. 33: The NWHL is Pinching Pennies

Don’t Snow the Goalie is a women’s hockey podcast that believes in treating women’s sports like sports. Kate Cimini, Hannah Bevis and Kate Reeher focus on happenings in the National Women’s Hockey League (and occasionally the Canadian Women’s Hockey League) every week, whether that be a trade, expansion rumors or potential draft picks. They bring you the latest in the NWHL and CWHL, including front-office moves, game analysis, player stats and more.

On this week’s episode of Don’t Snow the Goalie, Reeher, Cimini and Bevis discuss Emerance Maschmeyer’s entry into the CWHL draft and play GM when it comes to player salaries, looking at points, position, shooting percentages and puck possession numbers to determine how much to offer each player.

The show began with the CWHL’s announcement that Emerance Maschmeyer had chosen to enter into the CHWL’s draft, the highest-profile potential draftee for the league thus far. What are the possible reasons behind Maschmeyer’s decision to register for the draft? Does this means Maschmeyer is solely committed to the CWHL or does the non-binding nature of the commitment means she may still investigate a potential NWHL contract?

After the goalie talk, Reeher and Bevis played a salary cap game, acting as GMs for the Buffalo Beauts and Boston Pride looking to rebuild their roster. Cimini introduces “mystery players” by offering their stats from the previous season while the two GMs made offers about how much they would be willing to pay them to keep them on their team. As expected, chaos ensued.

The podcast ended with questions about Amanda Kessel’s potential landing spots, why Boston hasn’t signed any players yet, and finished off discussing how many Canadians were drafted by the NWHL and if Emerance Maschmeyer’s commitment to the CW might draw her fellow countrywomen over to the league as well.

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