Dont Snow the Goalie

Don’t Snow the Goalie 34: NWHL lawsuits galore

Don’t Snow the Goalie is a women’s hockey podcast that believes in treating women’s sports like sports. Kate Cimini, Hannah Bevis and Kate Reeher focus on happenings in the National Women’s Hockey League (and occasionally the Canadian Women’s Hockey League) every week, whether that be a trade, expansion rumors or potential draft picks. They bring you the latest in the NWHL and CWHL, including front-office moves, game analysis, player stats and more.

Today Cimini, Reeher and Bevis discussed the latest and most pressing of women’s hockey drama. They started with the lawsuit being brought against the NWHL by a former investor, Michael Moran, and what the lawsuit could mean for the future of the league. They took a look at what impact the lawsuit could have on players signing with the league for the next year.

Today’s latest wrinkle in the developing story of the NWHL is that the CWHL and the OWHA (Ontario Women’s Hockey Association) have filed to contest the trademark of the NWHL name in Canada. This would presumably block any expansion north of the border for the NWHL, unless they decided to undertake a rebrand, perhaps akin to that of the artist formerly known as Prince.

The three went on to discuss what RFA signings the NWHL has seen, and the recent and very exciting signings by 2015 Junior Draft draftees, Amanda Leveille to the Buffalo Beauts, and Miye D’Oench to the New York Riveters.

In the mailbag, Reeher, Bevis and Cimini discussed the scarcity of women’s specific hockey shoulder pads, what percentage of draft picks that the NWHL needs to sign to have a healthy talent pool, and what odds each of them would put on the league having a successful second year.

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