Dont Snow the Goalie

Don’t Snow the Goalie: NWHL Front-Office Shakeup

Don’t Snow the Goalie: where we talk about the New York Riveters offensive woes with Today’s Slapshot Riveters beat reporter Mike Murphy, make terrible Valentines Day NWHL puns, and discuss the most recent happenings in the NWHL’s front offices, namely: the exit of COO and interim Connecticut Whale general manager George Speirs from the league, which was a messy split, to say the least.

Also on the docket was the question of investor Joel Leonoff, father to goaltender Jaime Leonoff on the Connecticut Whale. Is it a conflict of interest to have a major investor be related to one of your star players? We don’t really think so. It’s a time-honored tradition to be both financially and emotionally invested in leagues that are just getting started. Why stop it now?

As always, you can find us on Twitter @k_cimini, @madecunningly and @Hannah_Bevis1. While Hannah Bevis was not on the podcast tonight, she is always with us in spirit. Murphy can be found at @DigDeepBSB. If you want to send us a mailbag question you can do so by tweeting us, emailing us at [email protected] or messaging our Tumblr at

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