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New York Riveters Announces Camp Roster

The New York Riveters’ camp roster was released on Tuesday. Now all four NWHL rosters are known.

Some names on the roster stand out, but one of the most notable things about this release was a name that wasn’t on the list.

Hilary Knight—who has made appearances at the NWHL launch party and with Dani Rylan in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated—was not on the Riveters’ roster, nor has she appeared on any other NWHL camp lists. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Knight won’t play on an NWHL team, since Hayley Moore said at the Boston Pride’s camp that the early rosters are not entirely indicative of who will make the final cuts.

Celeste Brown made an appearance at the Riveters’ camp and was the only player to attend all four camps—a feat doubly impressive considering that the New York and Boston camps were held over the same weekend.

Hayley Williams also attended after participating in both Buffalo and Connecticut’s camps previously. Kristen Levesque (Connecticut, Buffalo), Morgan Fritz-Ward (Connecticut), Elena Orlando (Connecticut) and Hailey Browne (Buffalo) were the other attendees who played at least one other NWHL camp.

One other name that got some attention was Kaylee McDonagh, wife of New York Ranger’s captain Ryan McDonagh. McDonagh played one year at Bemjdi State before playing her remaining three years of college hockey at St. Thomas. If she does make the Riveter’s final roster, it would be an interesting link between the NWHL and the NHL.


With the announcement of the roster also came the announcement of the Riveters’ head coach and confirmation of their general manager. Dani Rylan, NWHL commissioner, will also play the role of New York’s GM, and the team will be coached by  Alana Blahoski. According to the Riveters’ release:

(Editor’s Note: The original version of this story stated that the Riveters had hired Alana Blahoski has head coach. This was inaccurate. She was hired to coach during this camp, but the Riveters have since hired Chad Wiseman for this position.)

“A native of St. Paul, Minnesota, Alana Blahoski played college hockey at Providence College, scoring 83 points in 121 games. She then played for six years with the S National Team, winning an Olympic Gold medal at the 1998 Nagano Games. Also during her time with the US National Team, Blahoski played at the World Championships in 1997, 1999, 2000, and 2001, and completed at the Four Nations Cup five times (1996-2000). She later became a coach, serving an assistant coach to the US National Team beginning in 2003, and she also works as a private skating instructor. In 2008 she became the head coach of the US Women’s Under-22 Select team. She currently coaches at Chelsea Piers.”

With all four training camps in the books, the NWHL will turn their attention to the first NWHL on June 20.

According to the NWHL website, all “college players from four-year colleges who have completed their junior year are eligible for the Draft.” The deadline for free-agency for those who attended the training camps and other players who are interested in joining the league is August 17.

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