Inaugural NWHL Entry Draft Player Selections

The NWHL held its inaugural draft Saturday afternoon. Each team was allotted five picks spread over five rounds, for a total of 20 prospects overall. General managers had two minutes to select a player and the draft was livetweeted by all Founding Four team accounts as well as the NWHL’s account, which was lucky as the website had trouble sustaining all the people logging on to watch the draft live.

It became clear that each GM had drastically different plans when it came to drafting, and will continue to build their teams to their own specifications when it comes to free agency.

While the New York Riveters took the tactic of trying to keep teammates together, the Connecticut Whale went long on defense, with the GM citing the need to keep the Boston Pride away from their net. Boston decided to mainly draft from its incredibly large pool of local players, with only one of their draft picks coming from outside of the city, school-wise. The Buffalo Beauts also went local with its picks, snapping up some interesting young players who may still need to develop, but who have a lot of potential left yet.

Among the notables drafted was Alex Carpenter, who went first overall to the New York Riveters. Two-time Olympian AJ Mleczko reviewed the top-ten players in the draft for the NWHL’s site and picked Carpenter to go first overall.

She is a fun player to watch, as she is shifty, sneaky, and incredibly smart on and off the puck. Her year away from the NCAA training with Team USA for their silver medal run in Sochi helped her add speed and strength to her game. Daughter of the “Can’t Miss Kid” Bobby Carpenter, she has drawn comparisons to her famous father, while starting to make a name that is all her own.

Below is a list of players drafted by the NWHL, in order.


Round 1 of the 2015 NWHL Entry draft

New York Riveters: Alexandra Carpenter (F) from Boston College went first overall

Connecticut Whale: Hannah Brandt (F) from the University of Minnesota went second overall

Boston Pride: Kendall Coyne (F) from Northeastern went third overall.

Buffalo Beauts: Courtney Burke (D) from University of Wisconsin went fourth overall.


Round 2 of the 2015 NWHL Entry draft

New York Riveters: Haley Skarupa (F) from Boston College went fifth overall.

Connecticut Whale: Michelle Picard (D) from Harvard went sixth overall.

Boston Pride: Emerance Maschmeyer (G) from Harvard went seventh overall.

Buffalo Beauts: Sarah Lefort (F) from Boston University went eight overall.


Round 3 of the 2015 NWHL Entry draft

New York Riveters: Erin Ambrose (D) from Clarkson went ninth overall.

Connecticut Whale: Milica McMillen (D) from the University of Minnesota went tenth overall.

Boston Pride: Lexi Bender (D) from Boston College went eleventh overall.

Buffalo Beauts: Amanda Leveille (G) from the University of Minnesota went twelfth overall.


Round 4 of the 2015 NWHL Entry draft

New York Riveters: Dana Trevigno (F) from Boston College went thirteenth overall.

Connecticut Whale: Maryanne Menefee (F) from the University of Minnesota went fourtheenth overall.

Boston Pride: Miye D’Oench (F) from Harvard University went fiftheenth overall.

Buffalo Beauts: Emily Janiga (F) from Mercyhurst College went sixteenth overall.


Round 5 of the 2015 NWHL Entry draft

New York Riveters: Kimberly Newell (G) from Princeton University went seventeenth overall.

Connecticut Whale: Cassandra Poudrier (D) from Cornell University went eighteenth overall.

Boston Pride: Shannon McAuley (F) from Clarkson University went nineteenth overall.

Buffalo Beauts: Jenna Dingledein (F) from Mercyhurst College went twentieth overall.

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