05 October 2013: P.K. Subban #76 of the Montreal Canadiens and Wayne Simmonds #17 of the Philadelphia Flyers exchange a few words during the NHL match at the Bell Centre in Montreal Quebec, Canada. Photographer: Minas Panagiotakis/Icon Sportswire
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Simmonds: Nobody backs up on-ice smack like Subban

(Minas Panagiotakis/Icon Sportswire)

Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds was on Montreal’s TSN 690 on Wednesday afternoon:

On how it might be unlikely that he gets traded, but on if rumors like that on social media make their way back to the players:

“Yeah, how can you not see it? Social media is the new thing. Someone says something on social media, it gets retweeted or favorited or liked, or whatever it is, and it’s in front of your face in 20 seconds. So yeah, I’m definitely aware of everything that’s said, for the most part.”

On if he’s happy that P.K. Subban is now out in the Western Conference, or if he’s upset that Shea Weber is in the Eastern Conference:

“To me, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter who I’m playing against. I’m going to play the same game, whether it’s P.K. Subban or Shea Weber. Obviously I think they’re a little bit different players, but they’re both top-notch at their positions, so I think that was a decent switch for both teams.”

On the reaction with other players when that kind of one-for-one trade happens with Subban and Weber, like Ryan Johansen for Seth Jones earlier in the season:

“Yeah, I think guys are just – I think especially with that trade, I think that one was kind of on a different level than the Jones-Johansen one. Shea Weber and P.K. Subban, those are two of probably the Top 10 defensemen in the NHL. I think when two guys like that get flipped for one another, I think everybody is talking about that.”

On how they’re two great defensemen, but on if he’d agree that P.K. talks a little bit more smack out there:

“Yeah (laughs), he may talk a little bit more smack, but he definitely backs it up. I’ve never seen somebody back up their words as much as P.K.. He can talk all he wants, but as long as you deliver on the ice, you should be fine. He definitely delivers.”

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On how they weren’t very active on July 1, but on how he feels about the Flyers coming into the new season:

“I feel great. I think with us, it’s more internal development than anything else. We’ve got a lot of pieces there. A lot of good pieces to the puzzle. As long as we all keep developing within ourselves, within our roles, within the team, I think we’re going to get better.”

On how the Pittsburgh Penguins came at teams with a lot of pace, speed, and skill, and on if he expects teams to be heading in that direction after the Cup win:

“I think it always changes, depending on the team who’s winning. I think when you saw L.A. winning, they had those big guys up front and on the back end, and then you seen teams try to emulate that. Now that Pittsburgh won, I think you may see some teams not necessarily get smaller, but obviously try to get that speed. They want to try to spread it out, 1-4. I think Pit did a good job of playing four lines, and I think ultimately, that’s what won them the Cup.”

On how the hype is at the beginning of a Flyers’ season:

“It’s unbelievable. I can honestly say that playing in Philadelphia is like playing in a Canadian market, I think. The fans, the way they accept hockey there, for an American city, I think it’s second to none. It’s great. They’re always with you, even if you’re doing bad, they’re there. They might be booing you, but they’re still there in support of you. For Philly, I think they definitely have some of the best fans in North America. I can truly say that.”

Simmonds was promoting his 5th annual Wayne’s Road Hockey Warriors event, which is coming up on July 9.

Source: TSN 690/ Transcript: Nichols

Simmonds: Nobody backs up on-ice smack like Subban

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