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Nichols’ Notes: McGuire has ‘unfettered access to all 30 teams’

Mar 04 2011: TSN's, Pierre McGuire, during action between the Ottawa Senators and the New York Rangers at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. *****For Editorial Use Only*****
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Pierre McGuire is certainly one of the more polarizing figures in hockey media, but one undisputed fact is that McGuire’s ice-level station gives him a rare perspective on the game.

“One of the great things about my job is you basically have unfettered access to all 30 teams,” McGuire said. “Some are more protective than others, but the one thing you can’t protect is when you’re between the benches. You can see the guys who are coachable, the guys who care about their teammates, you can hear what guys say to teammates, positive or negative, so you can evolve.

“I say exactly what’s going on, as much as I can. I would never explain an injured part of a player. I can say he’s hurt, but I’m not going to say where. It’s not my job to say who’s dropping F-bombs. It’s not a very sanitary place. My job’s not to document it word for word. You don’t want to be the person that ruins that trust factor.”

Whether you love McGuire, hate McGuire, or fall somewhere in between, some worthwhile insights are shared in this article.

Source: Alex Prewitt/ Sports Illustrated

Pierre McGuire’s road goes on forever


Some insight into new Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka…

“He always knew this is what he wanted to do,” said Neil Lane, the CEO of Stathletes, the St. Catharines, Ont.-based hockey analytics company that he and Chayka founded six years ago. “He has been studying the game, every aspect of the game – coaching, trades, the CBA, everything – and he’s been doing it since way before most people were interested in girls, let alone careers.”

Source: James Mirtle/ Globe and Mail

Coyotes gamble on new type of GM with promotion of John Chayka


Matt Cullen has been playing a key role for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Jim Rutherford has seen this sort of thing from the veteran forward when they were teamed up with the Carolina Hurricanes.

“Same thing,” said Rutherford. “Really good with his teammates, really good with (young) players, doesn’t get frazzled by anything. He’s a guy that can keep a real even keen in tough situations – as we all know in the playoffs the emotions get high and things.”

Source: Chris Johnston/ Sportsnet

Matt Cullen a difference-maker in Penguins’ Stanley Cup run


On the Tampa Bay Lightning…

Excerpt via

Asked what he respects most about Callahan, Boyle leaned back in his locker and gave it some thought.

“What you see is how he is every single day,” Boyle said. “Guys can fake it a little bit and try and get in the League and play a certain way, and then fall back on …”

He didn’t finish the sentence. He didn’t have to.

“His work ethic, his character is genuine,” Boyle continued. “You can’t fake it. He’s been that way every day. He’s got a lot of respect from every guy he’s ever played with. He leads the way. He shows you how to play. You watch him play and the way he carries himself, you’ll be a better player and person.”

Source: Nicholas J. Cotsonika/

Boyle, Callahan do it all for Lightning


Matt Martin on Jack Capuano:

“John Tavares is our leader, obviously, but [Capuano] is the voice and we follow his personality and his character,” said Matt Martin. “The way we watch video every day, the way he talks, the way he carries himself, obviously that’s going to bleed into us a little bit. He’s a good example of a good coach and someone who not only wants to win, but cares for us as players and individuals off the ice. He’s not afraid to sit on the couch with you in the lounge and talk for a while. He’s definitely someone who cares for you as people and that’s a good thing.”

Source: Joe McDonald/ ESPN

Islanders personify coach Jack Capuano’s gritty, profane, never-say-die personality


Dallas Stars head coach Lindy Ruff, before last night’s Game 4 win over the St. Louis Blues, on his two-goalie system:

“I know that’s hard for you (media) guys to buy into, because this two goalie thing is new to you guys and you’d rather just ask me about one goalie,” Ruff said. “We’ve had two goalies that have played really well that have got us to where we are. And last time I checked, it was in a pretty good place.

“Do they stumble every now and then? Yeah, they do. But the alternative is I have another guy to go to all of the time. They’ve bought into the way we’re doing it, and it’s led us to this point. What we do from this point on will be determined by (Game 4).”

Source: Mark Spector/ Sportsnet

Lindy Ruff’s career has taught him defiance vs. adversity


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