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Nichols’ Notes: Foley outlines expansion team leadership vision

13 November 2014: The NHL logo displayed behind the net during the NHL match between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre in Montreal Quebec, Canada. The Canadiens defeated the Bruins 5-1.
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Bill Foley still does not have an NHL expansion franchise, but that time may be near.

When, or if, the league makes that happen, Foley has his leadership vision ready.

“I would know what’s going on at all times,” Foley said. “I’m not going to let anyone screw things up. I know what I know. But whoever we would hire can certainly convince me of things. I would want open-minded people who want to be part of a team and who listen to others, but when tough decisions need to be made, you make them.

“Team work. No bickering. Free communication. The ability to talk to anyone up and down the line with no fear of retribution. A free flow of information. I talk to everyone in my organizations. I find out who’s working hard and who isn’t, and what’s good and what’s bad, and how we can do a better job from the bottom up.

“You delegate responsibility and give people the authority to make decisions within a certain area. And if they sway from it, I stop them. People would want to play here. They should believe in me, have confidence in me that we would be very successful in a positive environment. Hockey guys are good people. They don’t screw around. They’re fighters. They want to win.”

Source: Ed Graney/ Las Vegas Review-Journal

Bill Foley’s vision for an NHL team in Las Vegas: Think New England Patriots


If expansion happens, the NHL and NHLPA have already agreed on the expansion draft rules.

When it comes to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Marc-Andre Fleury vs. Matt Murray debate, longtime NHL executive and contributor Frank Provenzano offered his perspective.

“Based on playoff body of work and age, they have to keep Murray,” said Provenzano. “If I was a team trying to manage this, I would be proactively asking early for acceptable destination lists from my goalie who is not on my protected list once the rules get sorted out.”

Source: Scott Burnside/ ESPN

Does Murray’s success mean that Fleury’s days in Pittsburgh are numbered?



Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper, on his team’s resiliency in Tuesday night’s contest against the New York Islanders.

“It’s amazing when you’ve been in that situation before how there’s just a quiet calm over the team,” Cooper said. “I don’t think there was one person on our bench that didn’t think we were going to overtime. Fortunately for us, we pulled it out.”

Source: Nicholas J. Cotsonika/

Experienced Lightning never felt out of it


Travis Green has been coaching the Vancouver Canucks’ AHL team, and is considered by many as one of the top NHL coaching candidates from that particular talent pool.

“I think I’m ready,” Green said. “Every job in the NHL is worth its weight in gold, and I would have 100 per cent interest at options with every team in the league. You hope all your qualities are enticing for one of them.

Source: Ben Kuzma/ Vancouver Province

Kuzma: Travis Green could be the fresh face to replace Flames’ Bob Hartley


With the Toronto Maple Leafs likely set to select Auston Matthews with their first overall selection in June’s draft, the Winnipeg Jets will probably take Patrick Laine over Jesse Puljujarvi in the No. 2 slot.

But the team will naturally be doing its due diligence on both.

“We’ll go back and talk to as many people as we can and get to know them off the ice just as well as know them on the ice,”  Mark Hillier, the Jets director of amateur scouting, said. “We’ll talk to former teammates, to current teammates, to trainers, coaches – anywhere we have an in. We have some people that are close to the organization in Finland.

“We won’t leave any stone unturned in finding anything and everything about these players.”

Source: Paul Friesen/ Winnipeg Sun

Jets will dig deep into character before making draft pick


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