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Linden: Trade ‘didn’t really come together’ for Canucks

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Canucks president Trevor Linden was on Vancouver’s TSN 1040 on Tuesday afternoon:

On why the team didn’t sign Dan Hamhuis:

“I think basically when we made the move for Erik Gudbranson, when we looked at our group – Alex and Chris Tanev and Gudbranson – we just didn’t feel like… we wanted to go with a younger group. There’s opportunity there for younger players. We didn’t have the room and the fit wasn’t right. We kind of talked to Dan throughout the process, and we’ve been in touch with his agents through the whole thing. Dan’s a tremendous guy. He’s a great person in our community. He’s done a lot. We’ll miss him, but we wish him well, and his family as well.”

On understanding the Canucks were hopeful to add another winger in free agency, and on if that desire still burns for the team, or if that’s more via trade:

“Yeah, it was more on the trade front. We were kind of down that path as far as trying to put something together kind of over July 1. Didn’t really come together. That’s not saying something won’t happen down the road, but right now we’re just kind of in a holding pattern and see how things shake out.”

On contract talks with Jacob Markstrom:

“There are some discussions and some kind of feeling out, where either side needs to be and what that looks like. It’s something we’d like to obviously get done this summer, and see if it’s a fit. So far it’s been positive.”

On the agent for Olli Juolevi suggesting that playing in Europe next year might be an option:

“We talked to his agent at the draft, and there was no mention of that. Our intention would be to sign Olli this summer, and get him under contract. So that would be new to us. We haven’t heard that from our end.”

On if philosophically he’d had a problem with some of his prospects playing against the men in Europe:

“You know, I think (pause) I think the best place for him would probably be in London. I think they’re going to have a good team again, and he’s going to have a bigger role. Ultimately, I think that’s probably the best place for him in his development. But I haven’t really thought of him playing in Europe as a pro.”

On if, to be clear, there’s not a winger option via free agency the Canucks find tempting right now:

“Right now, we’ve got nothing that we’re working on or actively pursuing.”

On if, once the dust settles, they might have a dip into the secondary free agent market:

“Potentially. I think that when you look at our group right now, I mean, it’s got to be the right fit and the right needs because we’ve got our group, and obviously there are some question marks. What does Anton Rodin do in training camp, and where does he go in the regular season. There are some unknowns. We’ve got some protection there with some of the depth players we’ve signed. So we’ll continue looking, and talking about it, but we’ve got to make sure it’s the right player at the right fit, and just not another body that may do the same thing that other people do.”

Source: TSN 1040/ Transcript: Nichols

Linden: Trade ‘didn’t really come together’ for Canucks

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