4 Keys to a Pittsburgh Penguins Revival

4 Keys to a Pittsburgh Penguins Revival
Luke Lapinski
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In 2009, the Pittsburgh Penguins were on top of the hockey world. They had just edged the Detroit Red Wings in a thrilling, seven-game series to take home the Stanley Cup for the first time in 17 years, and they had done so just 12 months after falling to those same Wings in a similarly entertaining championship tilt.

After years of struggling, they had amassed some top picks, turned those picks into star players and fought their way all the way to the title. The stage was set for a pretty glorious run.

Of course, things rarely ever go exactly according to plan. Now it’s 2015 and the Pens are still looking for their second Cup outside of the Mario Lemieux Era. In fact, they haven’t even made it out of the Eastern Conference in the last six years. This past season, they were gone after just five playoff games.

Despite some great lineups on paper, they’ve repeatedly come up short of the ultimate goal — a goal that many feel has been attainable if they’d simply play up to their potential. So what do they do going forward? Here are four quick rules they may want to follow…

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  • Harve Reworks

    They need to toughen up and it will solve a lot of what ails them. They are the weakest, softest wimpiest team in franchises history right now, and that is absolutely no exaggeration. The names on the roster do not lie. Soft soft soft. That’s the reason they are easily pushed around. That’s why the stars are underachieving because of the soft supporting cast. That’s why there are so many injuries. Its still a tough mans game. And the Penguins are anything but. Under antifight pacifist Rutherford, that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Luke Lapinski

Luke is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he did radio play-by-play for a variety of Sun Devil sports as a student. Since then, he's done extensive on-air radio work in Phoenix, predominantly as the pre and postgame host of Arizona Coyotes hockey. He's been writing about sports for as long as he can remember, most notably as a frequent contributor to's Insider and Rumor Central pages for a few years. He also co-hosts a hockey podcast creatively titled "The Hockey Podcast", that can be found on iTunes and TuneIn.

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