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Mid-Day Mocha: NHL Must-Reads for December 5

The goal will be to sort through dozens of posts to find the good stuff so you don’t have to. If you are looking for something fresh, unique or interesting, odds are good that you’ll find something here. If you like what these people do then give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter, and share the content that you love!

Hockey fans make up one of the best communities around, and in a lot of ways, we’re all in it together. 

Without further delay… your top NHL posts for December 5, 2015.

Check out this fantastic in-depth look at Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin from Alex Prewitt over at Sports Illustrated.

How tough is it to truly evaluate NHL defensemen from a statistical standpoint? Jonathan Willis takes a look at the hangups for

We’re at the point of the season where the trade rumor mill really starts to churn. We’ve seen some huge names pop up already, but is there a realistic chance that a player like Matt Duchene will be traded? Lyle Richardson looks at eight players who won’t likely be traded this year. From

Adam Coombs examines how the Ottawa Senators have constructed a team chock full of value players who are out-performing their contracts for

Jack Eichel and Evander Kane have spent a lot of time in the spotlight for the Buffalo Sabres this season. The emergence of Rasmus Ristolainen has gone under the radar a bit, but Bill Hoppe of writes that the defender is becoming a star.

We are seeing a changing of the guard of sorts in 2015-16. A younger group of players are overtaking mainstays like Sidney Crosby atop the scoring list. Who among this group will be considered elite after this season? Allan Mitchell breaks that down for

Our eyes tell us that Vladimir Tarasenko is an elite goal scorer. Do the stats back that notion up though? Robb Tufts examines the numbers for

More statistical evaluations of young, up-and-coming goal scorers! This time from Scott Cullen, who looks at Mike Hoffman for

The Detroit Red Wings were lucky to win as many games as they did early in the season, writes Ryan Lambert. That’s why it’s been Pavel Datsyuk to the rescue since he returned from injury. From Puck Daddy.

There are a handful of NHL teams that could use a good ol’ fashioned in-season trade shakeup. Adam Gretz looks at the squads that need to make a move for

Here’s another one for good measure…

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