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Shero: Larsson, Zajac Trade Conversations Never Took Place

New Jersey Devils GM Ray Shero was on Ottawa’s TSN 1200 on Thursday afternoon.

On how he handles it as a GM when there are trade rumors floated out there like Adam Larsson to Columbus for Cam Atkinson, or Travis Zajac to Toronto:

“It is somewhat problematic… the last one with Adam Larsson – no one’s even asked me about it. It was some unnamed person that said it, someone picked it up, and once it gets picked up, it’s written everywhere. You’re the first one to really ask me about it.

“So I haven’t talked to any team about Adam Larsson. I’m not looking to trade Adam. I think he’s a really good young defenseman, and at 22 years old we just signed him to a six-year contract extension. Those guys are hard to find.

“If that’s going to be out there – I’ve got a few messages from GMs today. I’m sure that’s kind of what it’s about. I haven’t talked to anybody. I’m not looking to do that with Adam.

“But it’s become problematic. Even the Travis Zajac thing. After a few days, someone actually asked me about it, and I told him I haven’t talked to Lou Lamoriello about Travis Zajac. I haven’t talked to Lou really that much since he left New Jersey. I’m busy. He’s busy.

“… I did have to talk to Travis because it was out in the media. You can never say never, but those conversations never took place. Same thing with Adam Larsson. That conversation with Jarmo Kekalainen has never taken place.

“… I have some free time this afternoon, so I can take care of those things (laughs). But it’s one of those things you’ve got to do all the time, right?”

Host jokes about Kekalainen and Shero being close friends:

“(Laughs) That’s true, but no, as I said… That’s part of the social media we live in. We all know that. It’s one of those things (where if) someone writes something if they could put a name to it that’d be even better – or an unnamed source – that’d be perfect, because then we could kind of see where it’s coming from.

“There’s going to be times, as you guys know, that there is some sort of trade going on, or at least discussion that might be out there. It’s not like you can shoot down everything. But in these certain situations, there was nothing to it… Six games in here, we’re trying to find out more about our players anyway.

“But Zajac, Larsson – they’re kind of guys moving forward we’re trying to build around. Adam in particular as a younger defenseman.

“But anyway, it makes for about three minutes of the show we can talk about.”

Source: TSN 1200/ Transcript: Nichols

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