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Lightning get an early second round start

April 21, 2016: A Tampa Bay Lightning fan is very happy to catch a puck during the fifth game of the 2016 first round NHL Eastern Conference playoff game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Tampa Bay Lightning at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. (Photograph by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire)
Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire

The NHL Playoffs often see bizarre things happen, however, having the second round start before the first round is over has to be one of the weirdest ones thus far.

The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Detroit Red Wings on April 21st and have been resting for nearly a week. Has the lack of playing time for the Lightning lead to why their first game in the second round, against the New York Islanders, will be taking place before the first round has come to an end.

The Nashville Predators forced a Game 7 with the Anaheim Ducks last night and the game will take place the same day as the second rounds first game, with the second round game having the earlier start time.

Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning has several events schedule according to their website for the next few weeks, including 98RockFest (April 29), Tampa Bay Storm vs Jacksonville Sharks (May 1), Disney On Ice (May 12-15).

It looks as though the Arena did not plan for the Lightning to make it past the first round and have booked the arena and thus the NHL is now having to schedule around the availability of the arena. Game two has not even been scheduled yet (No NHL press release nor listing on the Amalie Arena website).

With Game1 and Game 2 set to be in Tampa it looks like there may be a bit of a wait between games in Tampa. Hope the Islanders enjoy the beach, they may have plenty of time to use it between games.



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