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San Jose Sharks finding home for “Joe Paw-velski”

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The San Jose Sharks found an unexpected friend on the ice ahead of their game against the Nashville Predators earlier this weekend, when a black cat ran from the player benches towards the Shark Head at the end of the ice.

Now, the team is looking to make sure that stray – who has been affectionately named “Joe Paw-velski” – a home.

The team put out an official release on Sunday morning regarding the cat, ensuring fans that the NHL club is working to transfer Paw-velski to a local animal shelter in hopes of finding him a permanent home. Per the release:

“The amount of interest generated by ‘Joe’s’ appearance and those wishing to adopt him has been overwhelming. We want to make sure the cat is safe and healthy and returned to its rightful owner, in the event it has a microchip. If he is indeed a stray, our goal is to find the best home for him with the support of our local animal shelters. If families are interested in adopting ‘Joe’ but unsuccessful, we strongly encourage you to consider adopting another animal in need of a good home from one of our terrific local animal shelters.”

The team also reminded fans at the end of the release, of course, that the team is a supporter of the humane treatment of animals – so the attempt to smuggle an animal, either living or dead, into the arena will result in ejection from the game and potential further legal action.


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