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Dreger: Roy comments will fuel Duchene trade speculation

NHL: DEC 01 Avalanche at Devils
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Darren Dreger was on Ottawa’s TSN 1200 on Monday afternoon.

As part of a larger discussion on the aftermath of Patrick Roy’s comments over the weekend about Matt Duchene’s goal celebration in a losing effort:

“The whole thing was a little bizarre and all it does is fuel and breed ongoing speculation, doesn’t it?

“You guys know because we did a show on this in November when we know that the Ottawa Senators had some discussion with Joe Sakic and the Avalanche about some trade interest, and Duchene’s name was brought up at that point. Now, it was brought up loosely, and there was never anything real connecting in terms of Ottawa’s interest or the interest from the Avalanche at that point in trading away that player.

“But now, all of the sudden, because the head coach has identified what might be perceived at least as a problem in the core of his team – well, guess what means. That means that the speculation is going to continue to build in the off-season, and this will be one of the storylines that we ponder and follow as part of our coverage at the draft.”

On Duchene’s celebration itself:

“I didn’t love the celebration. It’s kind of a minor hockey play, particularly at that point in the hockey game. Was he acknowledging his own individual effort? He wanted to dismiss that post-game, but that was a pretty big celly for his 30th goal of the year in what was a 4-1 game at that point.

“But I don’t know that that has to become such a public item after the game either. If Patrick Roy, or anyone else inside that dressing room or around the organization were unhappy with how Duchene celebrated, then maybe it would have been better to just keep that in the room.”

Source: TSN 1200/ Transcript: Nichols

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