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Evaluating Man Games Lost’s Impact on NHL Teams

What Is Man Games Lost?

This sounds easy enough but not so fast. It is not just injuries. NHL media releases detail suspensions, sickness and players on LTIR. Every team calculates this differently, so the data is not always painting the truest picture. For more information, Man Games Lost has an excellent FAQ section that comes highly recommended.

What About TMITT Metrics?

This will be invariably asked. Thanks to Nathan Currier of MGL, we have an answer for that too. TMITT (Time Missed Impact To Team) is simply a metric that attempts to quantify the impact an injured player would have. The more players that are out that can produce just means a higher and higher TMITT. As a person loses more and more time, the metric essentially gets devalued bit by bit as teams find ways to make do without that player.

The formula is derived as follows:

TMITT utilizes a skater’s average time on ice (ATOI) or minutes played for goalies, the number of games missed due to injury, the number of games played by their team, and the number of games that the player has played in (necessary due to players who aren’t on the team’s roster or IR at all times i.e. AHL call-ups).

Adjustments indicate that by far and away the TMITT leaders were the Pittsburgh Penguins as far as player points lost, but only second to the Columbus Blue Jackets when it came to skaters.

The 2014-15 Season of Injuries

It was the year of woe is Columbus and rightfully so. Not only did they lead the league in injury and man games lost, but it seemed like someone suffered a devastating setback every week. It was almost akin to the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when the New York Islanders were in the news for one injury after another after another.

End of Season NHL Man-Games Lost Quality April 12 2015

(Credit: Nathan Currier — Man Games Lost)

From The Top Last Season

It is pretty easy to see just how badly Columbus was impacted. Not only did they lose 508 man games due to injuries, etc. but it was who they lost. Everyone from Sergei Bobrovsky to Brandon Dubinsky right down to Boone Jenner. At one point, Columbus had 13 players on the injury list. It just felt like as one wave of players would come back, more just were befallen by various maladies.

Colorado was second on the list at 495 and they did lose a lot of their depth and bottom glue guys. Losing Sergei Varlamov did not help their chances and it was not surprising that the top two teams on the list missed the playoffs. They were both over .500, however.

Buffalo was a distant third on the list and they finished dead last in the league. Anaheim was fourth and not too far behind Buffalo, yet made the playoffs, reaching the Western Conference Final.

Pittsburgh wound up fifth on the list but second as far as injury games lost (320). Their impacts could be felt as according to projected numbers, the Penguins lost the most potential points from their roster.

Olli Maatta had ailments ranging from a shoulder injury to cancer. Kris Letang had a stroke. Even their backup goalie situation got muddled from time to time due to injuries and Wilkes-Barre call-ups having issues. Yes, even the mumps got to them to with Sidney Crosby.

This is Only The Beginning

What is the ultimate goal of all of this? Eventually after investigating last season and other seasons, we will set up a projection for 2015-16.

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