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NWHL releases statement on potential lawsuits

The most recent storyline for the NWHL has centered around a potential lawsuit reported by Excelle Sports in an thorough investigative piece published Thursday evening.

The piece contained documents supporting the allegation that the league was under threat of suit from Michael Moran, a former investor with the league. Moran asked for the league to return $184,971.10 to him by 5 pm EST Friday, Apr. 22 or to receive a grant of extension by that time. At the time of this writing it is not yet known if the NWHL met this deadline.

When asked for comment on the report Thursday evening, the NWHL responded with the following statement:

“Mike Moran was a volunteer in the early stages of the NWHL’s existence and at no point was a formal investor. While we and our legal team are not aware of any current legal action against us, any future action will be handled by our lawyers and not through the media.”

At the time of writing there has been no action filed against the league in the state of New York, where the NWHL is headquartered, or in Florida, where the NWHL Foundation is incorporated.

Monday afternoon saw the information leak reveal concrete numbers via Bank of America statements to Excelle; the NWHL published a press release that evening in response to further requests for comment on the report.

“We cannot respond to unfiled, potential legal action. Should any party choose to pursue legal action, our answer and supporting documentation will be public record. In coordination with our legal representation, we will continue to handle this matter through the proper channels.

“We don’t see any current threats materially impacting our business. As always, our focus is on the players as we prepare for the upcoming season. We look forward to continuing the growth of women’s hockey and providing more women the opportunity to play professionally in the NWHL.”

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