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McKenzie: “Treliving Is Trying To Shake The Flames Up”

Bob McKenzie was on Toronto’s TSN 1050 on Thursday afternoon.

As part of a larger conversation on the Steven Stamkos contract front, including a report out of Western Canada about the Flames and Stamkos:

“It’s my understanding – there’s no question that Brad Treliving is trying to shake the Flames up. And there’s no question that he’s talked to a number of teams and I don’t doubt for a moment that he’s spoken to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“But as best I can tell, and I certainly stand to be corrected if I’m wrong, I don’t think the Flames and Tampa are talking about Stamkos right now.

“Now, it’s funny though. In the summer when I was on vacation – I still talk to people on my vacation – and there were people who were absolutely adamant and told me that they thought that both Buffalo and Calgary were the two teams that were trying to talk to Tampa about Stamkos. The timing on it might have been sketchy really, because there were later reports that Buffalo I guess did reach out, but that was prior to the draft – or in around the draft – or prior to him actually becoming a free agent. But I had heard the Calgary rumors real strong in the summer. I chased them down when I came back and didn’t get anything that would suggest to me that there was evidence of that.

“I will say this, though, about Brad Treliving and the Calgary Flames – he’s sort of a stealth big deal guy. We saw that in the summer with Dougie Hamilton. Nobody saw the Dougie Hamilton trade coming, and Treliving kind of pulled a rabbit out of his hat there.

“Now in fairness, Dougie Hamilton hasn’t played very well so far for the Flames. None of the Flames have. Giordano is not on top of his game. A lot of the good players for Calgary simply aren’t playing well right now.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if Brad Treliving is trying to find that big deal to shake things up. I don’t think that Monahan or Gaudreau are getting traded anytime soon, but when you’ve got young players like that and you’ve got a wealth of them – Sam Bennett is another one – well, maybe there is a deal there for somebody for one of those younger players. And I’m not suggesting Gaudreau by any stretch, or even – I’d be shocked at Monahan because there’s such maturity to his game. But I wonder, at some point, could Sam Bennett be available. I guess It really depends.

“Again, I don’t believe the Calgary Flames are trying to get rid of Sam Bennett. They’re not shopping him. But I believe the Calgary Flames are working the phones and seeing what they’ve got. And I know that when teams call and ask for Gaudreau or Monahan, they’re likely to get a,  ‘(No,) not going to happen.’ Whereas with some of those other players on the team, they might get a, ‘Well, make us an offer. Knock our socks off and we’ll see where we’re at.’ “

Source: TSN 1050/ Transcript: Nichols

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