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McKenzie On Eriksson’s Potential Availability

(Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire)

Bob McKenzie was on NBCSN’s NHL Live on Wednesday evening.

On Loui Eriksson:

“He’s believed to be looking for long term and relatively big bucks. That would be a five or a six-year deal, and maybe upwards of $6 million a year.

“Now, no door has been officially opened or closed with the Boston Bruins, and there have been some contract negotiations along the way.

“But the general sense in the NHL community now is that it’s more likely that he could become available than re-sign in Boston.

“But as I said, I should stress, that no door has been closed on anything just yet. But also, a lot of people are looking to wait to see if Loui Eriksson is fully available on the open market.”

Source: NBCSN/ Transcript: Nichols

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