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McKenzie: We’re all ‘forensic wordsmiths’ on Subban trade potential

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Bob McKenzie was on Montreal’s TSN 690 on Friday morning.

On Geoff Molson’s appearance on Thursday night, during which he said he’d be surprised if P.K. Subban were to be traded, and on if that’s really the right strategy to keep that door open:

“Well, I think they’re keeping all of their doors open. I don’t think they – again, we’re all like forensic wordsmiths here. Every time we ask a question, we’re looking for how the answer is delivered and what phraseology is used.

“What was it Marc Bergevin said when he was asked about the possibility of trading P.K., and he said ‘it’s not my intention to trade P.K.,’ leaving the door open that you can always come back later and say, ‘that was my intention at the time, but my intention changed.’

“I’m not aware of what Molson said last night, or the context or whatever, but based on what you just told me there, he’d be surprised.

“But I’ve been surprised before (laughs) so…

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The saga continues, right?

“Yeah, exactly. As I said, No. 1, it wouldn’t be an easy trade to make. No. 2, I think they’re just keeping all of their options open on the table, and they don’t want to be disingenuous with people because I think they know that if somebody called up with the right offer on just about any player outside of Carey Price, they’d always listen. So they don’t want to be disingenuous with people.

“That said, it could also be for a lot of organizations – I’m sure if you asked them the question about Carey Price, ‘No, we’re not trading Carey Price.’

“So I guess it keeps things alive a little bit here. But we’ll see. We’ll see where things go over the course of the next little while.

“It’s funny because we keep talking about potential P.K. trade rumors and do they want to trade him, or would they trade him, and all of that stuff; and yet all season long, for the most part, Marc Bergevin was really almost anti-big trade. So we’ve got to try to keep that in mind too, that this wasn’t a general manager who, when things were going wrong this year, decided that he was going to make over his roster…”

Source: TSN 690/ Transcript: Nichols

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