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Martin Hanzal finished for year in Arizona

Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire

The Arizona Coyotes haven’t gotten a fully healthy season from forward Martin Hanzal since the 2009-10 season, when the then-22-year-old centre recorded 11 goals and 33 points through 81 games played on an extremely successful Coyotes roster.

Since then, he’s missed a slew of time each year for various injuries, including multiple back injuries that ultimately saw him shut down last season for surgery.

The hope was that after surgery last year, the 6 foot 6 former first round pick would be good to go for a full season – but with just 64 games played, he’ll fall short of the mark once again.

The Coyotes confirmed on Thursday afternoon that Hanzal, who sits fifth on the team in scoring with 41 points in his 64 games, won’t play in either of the team’s final two contests, including a game in Nashville tonight and a final one in San Jose on Saturday.

The good news is that Hanzal, who recorded just eight goals and 24 points before being shut down last year, had a fairly successful year in the games he did play this season. The Czech forward was good for 13 goals, which sat seventh on the team in goal scoring with 16 games in hand on a healthy season, and his 41 points was his highest production to date. He finally hit the 100-career goals mark, as well.

Still, the Coyotes are coming up on a contract summer for the skater, and he has yet to prove he can remain healthy over a full season. That could certainly play into talks as the team looks to lock him up for future years.

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