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LeBrun: Tampa Bay Has No Intention Of Trading Stamkos

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Pierre LeBrun was on Hamilton’s TSN 1150 on Wednesday afternoon.

As part of a larger conversation on Steven Stamkos, and on if all of the attention on the various angles of his contract situation is just hype:

“No, I mean listen. It’s all part of what’s happening. If he definitely had wanted – if he had made up his mind, he would have signed by now. But clearly he has not, and that has to weigh on him. There’s no question.

“I do think it’s funny though, that everyone is making it Tampa or Toronto. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he signed somewhere else (laughs)? You never hear anyone mention the third possibility. I’m almost cheering for that at this point.”

On if the Leafs should be making a run at Stamkos (LeBrun asks for clarification if that means signing him this summer, or trading for him now:

“The reason I asked you that is it would be absolutely idiotic to trade for him. You know he’s going to be UFA July 1. Why would you give up any assets for him, right? So if you’re the Leafs and you do think you should sign him – and we don’t know that for sure, but it would certainly make sense for a rebuilding team to bring back a hometown star if they could – but you do not want to give up assets. The Leafs are not in the business right now of affording the luxury of giving up any assets for anyone, in terms of young assets.

“So you’ve got to wait. You’ve got to wait like everyone else, and then make your pitch when he’s free. But otherwise, I would not – at all – trade for him.”

On if he could see another team could sliding in there to make a deal, or how Tampa may play this situation out:

“I don’t think Tampa has any intention of trading him. The only focus from Steve Yzerman is trying to sign him and that’s the only thing that really Steve Yzerman has said since the onset. And if you know Steve Yzerman, you know he’s a man of his word.

“So I don’t think there’s any – any – intention of trading him. He will try until the eleventh hour to sign him.”

Source: TSN 1150/ Transcript: Nichols

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