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LeBrun: NHL Expansion Draft Parameters Discussion ‘Contentious’

(Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire)

Pierre LeBrun was on Hamilton’s TSN 1150 on Wednesday afternoon.

As part of a larger discussion on NHL expansion:

“The other thing is that one of the real contentious discussions so far as the executive committee level is the actual parameters of an expansion draft, and how that would look like, because Gary Bettman wants an expansion draft to be better than ever before. He wants the new team or teams to reflect the parity of the NHL. He doesn’t want them to be near the bottom of the standings for five years, like has traditionally been the case with most expansion teams in the last 20 years.

“So because of that, what the executive committee has been shown as the original ideas from the league for an expansion draft has them being exposed and losing some pretty good players.”


“One GM said to me he saw the proposed rules and he goes, ‘You could lose one of your best young players under what’s being proposed right now.’

“I mean, that’s not really that appealing for some teams. So that’s part of the debate as well, is the yin and yang of, ‘Do we want new teams,’ and ‘How much are we going to enjoy losing a really good player or two in the expansion draft?’ “

Source: TSN 1150/ Transcript: Nichols

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