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Karl Alzner nearing full recovery for groin injury

March 18 2016: Washington Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner (27) during a NHL game at Verizon Center in Washington D.C. Washington Capitals defeated the Nashville Predators 4-1. (Photo by Tony Quinn/Iconsportswire)

The Washington Capitals haven’t seen defenseman Karl Alzner miss a single regular season game since he was promoted to the NHL full-time in 2010.

Now, despite spending his summer recovering from a groin injury, it seems like the blue liner is preparing to maintain that iron man streak.

Tarik El-Bashir of CSN Midatlantic reported on Monday that the 27-year-old Alzner is nearing one hundred percent, and he expects to be ready to go in time for training camp.

This news comes after the Capitals saw Alzner undergo sports hernia surgery this summer, but the blue liner – who finished his 2015-16 season with four goals and 21 points in a full 82-game campaign – says that he’s already getting close to making a full recovery.

“I was working out after the first week [following the procedure], which was fast,” Alzner said. “The hernia is going to be fine. The only thing is the groin; I’m still waiting for that to be 100-percent.”

“I can do everything now, but I’m just maybe a half step slow because I can’t get the full extension with the power, the little kick at the end,” Alzner said. “Once I get that kick back, then I’m 90-100 [percent]. So, I’m close.”

This is excellent news for the Capitals, who use Alzner in a shutdown role that he’s thrived in since joining the team full-time six seasons ago.

Drafted fifth overall by the Capitals in 2007, the blue liner will enter next season with a whopping 509 career NHL games played, which leads all defensemen in his draft class by 72 games. He boasts 16 goals and 104 points in the process.

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