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Gilman: Rebuilding ‘a pretty gruesome and gut-wrenching experience’

09 Apr 2016; Vancouver Canucks center Henrik Sedin (33) thanks the Vancouver fans at the end of a game at Rogers Arena in Vancouver BC. Vancouver won 4-3 in a shootout. (Photograph by Bob Frid/Icon Sportswire)
(Bob Frid/Icon Sportswire)

Former Canucks assistant general manager Laurence Gilman was on Vancouver’s TSN 1040 on Wednesday morning.

On if he thinks the Vancouver hockey market – in which he has worked and now lives in as an observer – would accept a full-scale rebuild:

“I think that you have an extremely educated fan base here. I don’t see why not. At the same time, people want to win. And they want to go to the rink every night and see team be competitive and have  a chance to win every night. But I think that you’ve seen it in other cities. Obviously Toronto has embraced the plan that they’re executing. I’ve read and heard a lot about it in Edmonton with respect to what they’re trying to do. I definitely think that it’s conceivable.

“Having said that though, you look at your team and you look at the complexion of your players, the age of your players, who you have – and it isn’t that simple. It’s not just a factor of deciding, ‘We’re going to reconstruct this. We’re going to go down to the bottom.’

Gilman: ‘Probably not a day goes by’ I don’t think about 2011 Cup Final

“People saw in the last lottery, the team that was eighth or ninth went to second. There’s no guarantee. The Buffalo Sabres, two years ago, were the worst team in the league by a wide margin, yet they didn’t win the lottery. They didn’t get Connor McDavid.

“So it’s a long and it’s a difficult process. It’s easy to sit and say, ‘You know, we should tear this down and have a rebuild’ in whatever city you’re in, but it’s a pretty gruesome and gut-wrenching experience for all involved to do.”

Source: TSN 1040/ Transcript: Nichols



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