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Friedman: We Believe Price has MCL Sprain

(David Hahn/Icon Sportswire)

Elliotte Friedman was on Toronto’s Sportsnet 590 on Friday morning.

As part of a larger discussion on the Montreal Canadiens, on where Carey Price is with his injury, and if it’s feasible to consider that he may not come back this year:

“This is where we are. We all believe it’s an MCL sprain of the right knee. It’s not confirmed. The Canadiens haven’t said anything. But that’s what we think it is.

“I reported, and I’ve been told it’s true, that it really got bad when they were in Edmonton earlier this year and he stepped on a puck in the warmup.

“Glenn Healy – and I believe the year was 2000, but I’d have to double-check – they were doing that skills competition they do for the fans and he stepped on a puck and suffered an MCL sprain and he was gone, I think, a month. So for Carey Price, we’re at 10 weeks.

“The Canadiens have been criticized locally for not getting surgery done. But I’ve been told the moment he got hurt they went to their doctors and asked, ‘Do we need surgery here?’

“They were told, ‘No. Rehab is better.’

“Price went for a second opinion. The doctor told him the same thing.

“Kyper reported on Wednesday that he actually went for a third opinion and he was told that again.

“I’m under the impression if he played any other position, he’d be playing right now. But because of what a goalie has to do with his knee, he’s not.

“I’ve got to sit here and I’ve got to say, ‘10 weeks? That’s ridiculous.’

“I don’t know. Honestly, the Canadiens are keeping this so quiet. Nobody knows. But I think you have to be under the impression that it’s possible he doesn’t play again this year.”

(The discussion on Price and the Canadiens continues from there…)

Source: Sportsnet 590/ Transcript: Nichols

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