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Friedman: Teams Interested In Trading For Barrie

Elliotte Friedman was on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 on Monday morning.

On that Matt Duchene talk from Friday’s segment, on how it sounds like more names are involved now, and if smoke has to mean fire on the Colorado Avalanche trade front:

“Yeah, I definitely think there’s something going on there. It’s difficult for me to figure out for a second there – I do think part of it was Joe Sakic letting his team know that if this Eastern road trip went badly, changes would be coming. Part of it was to light a fire under the team. It certainly has worked a little bit. They won their three games on their road trip coming into Toronto, where they play tomorrow night.

“But one thing I kind of did realize was that if Colorado is going to trade somebody, the name that a lot of teams want to talk about is Tyson Barrie. Now I don’t think Colorado is there yet. But he’s a restricted free agent at the end of the season with arb rights, and some teams can see how this might end up being a problem for the Avalanche.

“So he’s the name to watch in the sense of how do their contract talks go with him. I don’t think they’ve gone very far, and if they don’t go well I could see Barrie being a guy that teams say, ‘Alright, what’s it going to take to do this.’


Source: Sportsnet 960/ Transcript: Nichols

  • Eric Lennert

    so basically he was talking out of his ass again

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