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Friedman Expands On Johansson, Pirri Trade Thoughts

(Scott Grau/Icon Sportswire)

Elliotte Friedman was on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 on Monday morning.

On what he’s hearing around the league:

“I think you’re starting to see – I think what’s going on more and more is that teams are just starting to ask, ‘When you’re ready to do something, what do you think of this guy?’

“I mentioned on the weekend a couple of names I started to hear a bit about were Marcus Johansson of Washington. They’re a capped-out team. I think they’d like to do a couple of things. Maybe add a third – another center. A bigger guy who can play two ways. Johansson is a guy who – they have Kuznetsov, who’s moving up the roster. If Burakovsky can maintain a full-time, top-6 position, I think (Johansson) is a guy who could go somewhere at some point.

“And a really interesting name I heard the other day is Brandon Pirri in Florida. He had, what, 24 goals and 2 assists year? That guy can score and this is a league that needs scoring and I think they’ve been asked about him. He’s a really streaky guy, but Florida wants to get into the playoffs too and they need goals. So I’m not sure what they’re going to do there.

“But honestly guys, I think there’s a lot of GMs talking, and there’s not a lot of room and flexibility to make moves. They’re terrified of term. So I think there’s a lot of phone calls, but nothing really knocking down.

“So I don’t know where the logjam break is going to come, but I know a lot of these guys are talking away.

“And a couple of guys were telling me there’s been a lot of scouts at Calgary games in the last little while, so who knows what they’re looking at on you guys too.”

Source: Sportsnet 960/ Transcript: Nichols

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