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Friedman on Crosby-Ovechkin rivalry

(Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire)

Elliotte Friedman was on Toronto’s Sportsnet 590 on Friday morning.

On the start of the heavily-anticipated second round Penguins-Capitals series living up to every billing:

“And now we demand more, right? You did that once in Game 1, now do it again. Yeah. I mean, they don’t like to talk about it, but you can tell they still feel it. Watching them go head to head last night, they still see each other as kind of the other guy who they really don’t like that much. I don’t think they like being compared to each other, but they are always going to be linked to each other. So it’s about time they just embrace it.

On if Crosby and Ovechkin don’t like each other personally:

“There’s not much of a relationship there. I think at times they have been respectful to each other, but I  think it’s really heated. I’ve heard that they’ve had times where they’ve tried to open up a bit of dialogue, but I just don’t think there’s a lot in common there. Right now, I think while both teams are good it’s probably edgy.

“Crosby, I think he once said to me that maybe when their careers are over they’ll catch up and find out more about each other. I love the way that they say that about each other, that this is a rivalry and they’ll put it away when their careers are done.”

On why they wouldn’t do that now:

“I just don’t think there’s a lot in common between these two guys. And also, I think they get kind of pitted against each other. They’re in the same division. They’ve both had – I don’t know if disappointing careers is the right word, but their results have been disappointing. I think Crosby thought he’d have more Cups than the one. I think Ovi would love to have one. At least Crosby has two gold medals. Ovi doesn’t even have that.

“And I think they’re kind of in the way of each other, and they’re not very similar people. I think maybe when they’re done is when they kind of sit down and discuss it.”

On which one he’d start a franchise with, in their prime:

“They brought it up last night and I joked, ‘McDavid.’

“I think you probably take the center. As good as Ovi is, I think if you absolutely have to and you have to build a franchise, you’re probably taking the guy who plays the middle of the ice.”

Source: Sportsnet 590/ Transcript: Nichols

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