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Friedman: Blues Among Teams Seeking Trade

(Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire)

Elliotte Friedman was on Edmonton’s 630 CHED on Friday afternoon.

As part of a conversation on the trade market:

“It is impossible to make deals right now. Now watch, I’ll hang up the phone and we’ll get a major one. But it is really hard to make trades at this point in time. And it’s not like teams aren’t trying. I have guys tell me they make a call to four different teams and they’ll say, ‘Yeah, we want to make a deal.’ ‘We want to make a deal.’ Then they look at it, and they can’t make a deal.

“St. Louis is I think a team that would like to do something, and I think at times they’ve talked to you guys about doing something, but obviously that hasn’t happened.

“I know that last week when Brandon Sutter had surgery, the Canucks looked around to see what was out there. And from what I heard, they got nothing even close to getting done.

“So I think there’s a lot of teams talking out there, but I think it’s difficult. And the issue I hear is term. People just do not want to add term. The Canadian dollar is down again today, so you’re worried about that.

“I have no trouble finding rumors. What I have trouble is finding something that really has a lot of legs to it.”

Source: 630 CHED/ Transcript: Nichols

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