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Friedman: Bishop, Andersen May Become Available

Elliotte Friedman was on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 on Friday morning.

On his thoughts, off the top of his head, of who might be available at some point if Calgary wanted to get a No. 1-type goaltender. Specifically suggested scenarios from hosts include Bishop/Vasilevskiy, Howard/Mrazek, Carolina, Allen/Elliott, Dallas, Winnipeg, Ducks:

“There’s some interesting names there.

“I do think in Tampa, at some point, Vasilevskiy will be the starter and they’ll move on from Bishop, simply because the cap is going to dictate that they’re going to have to. And so I do think there could become a point where Bishop is available.

“I think Winnipeg is an interesting one. Connor Hellebuyck – when is he going to be ready. Probably next year. And that will determine some of Winnipeg’s goaltending choices.

“The Anaheim one to me is really interesting. They signed John Gibson for three years and he’s in the minors this year. I think the only reason he went to the minors this year is that – or agreed to the contract, the way it was – is because he knew that it wasn’t going to be that long. And Frederik Andersen is a guy, depending on how the contract talks – I think is going to be available at some point. I do think that Anaheim and Buffalo had some conversations last year. I think some other teams have called Anaheim about it. I know that there have been teams were looking at their long term radars last year and were saying, ‘What is Anaheim going to do with those two goalies? And which direction are they going to go in?’ I think Anaheim – Bob Murray is probably going to be the guy, when makes his decision of which one of those two he’s going with, I think that’s a decision that’s going to have some ramifications around the league.

“So yes, I do agree with you – especially if Anaheim really falls out of the playoff race, that’s going to be an interesting one. I do think that Vasilevskiy s the goalie long term in Tampa. I’m just not sure when they’re going to make that decision, because obviously Bishop played well for them last year in the playoffs and Vasilevskiy is just coming back from an injury.”

Source: Sportsnet 960/ Transcript: Nichols

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