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Frederik Andersen wants to play more next season

The Anaheim Ducks have had an admirable problem over the last few seasons, with both Frederik Andersen and John Gibson shaping up into bona fide NHL goaltenders at around the same time.

While any team would love to say that they have ‘too much’ goaltending talent on their roster, though, the team may not be able to boast that as a problem for much longer.

After being eliminated in the first round of the 2016 postseason, Ducks goaltender Andersen – who finished the regular season with a .919 save percentage in all situations and the postseason with a .947 save percentage and one shutout – says that he wants to play ‘a lot more’ next season.

Translation? He probably doesn’t want to be doing the 1A/1B tandem much anymore.

The question at this point is likely whether the Ducks will keep on Andersen moving forward, or keep Gibson.

Both goaltenders were highly affordable this season, but Andersen is due for a new contract – and with Gibson set to make $2.3 million over each of the next three seasons, it’s understandable to expect that the older of the two netminders would want a higher AAV after playing with the team for longer (and putting up strong numbers throughout). The team has a number of other contracts needing to be given out, as well – if Andersen is going to cost them too much, he may be the one on the way out.

The sentiments from Andersen, per Josh Cooper of Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, made it sound like the 26-year-old Danish goaltender would love to stay in Anaheim.

“I think when the time comes some decision will be made,” Andersen said. “I like playing here. I know all the guys love having me in the net. I like it here, so obviously would love to play.”

With an expansion draft coming up and two good netminders, though, the Ducks may look to see if there’s a landing point for one of the two.

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