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Dreger’s Sources: ‘Nothing There’ To Bruins Rumours

Darren Dreger was on Montreal’s TSN 690 on Tuesday morning.

On rumors the Bruins are dangling Zdeno Chara and Brad Marchand:

“Yeah, I mean there has been some speculation of late and it’s always difficult when you try and wade into these things. I trust the information to some degree and the reporting. I mean, we all have our sources and we go with information that we’re comfortable with and that we believe to be true, according to our sources.

“But as soon as this story surfaced that maybe the Bruins would consider trading their captain Chara or Brad Marchand, I reached out to my sources within the organization and I was told that isn’t true. Pretty early to be throwing names like that out there. I mean from a team perspective, do teams call on players? Of course they do. But again, it’s very early in the regular season.

“Saying all that though, I mean the Boston Bruins are a team that are likely going to flounder to some degree this season. They have issues on their back end and there’s question marks, to some degree, on this lineup.

“So I don’t think the speculation is completely off-base in that at some point this season, could it be real? Could we be talking about the possibility of Zdeno Chara being on the move? I suppose it’s possible.

“But at this stage, as early as it is in the regular season, I’m going to go with what my sources out of Boston are telling me, and there’s nothing there.”

Source: TSN 690/ Transcript: Nichols

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