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Dreger: Talbot in Chiarelli’s ‘Crosshairs’

NHL: MAR 08 Rangers at Blackhawks

Darren Dreger was on Montreal’s TSN 690 on Thursday morning.

On if goaltending has been devalued in terms of the trade market:

“It’s a tough market. It really is. You know who the teams are who are somewhat desperate, frankly, for goaltending. To me, I see two at the top of the list and that’s Edmonton and Buffalo. I know Peter Chiarelli is working pretty hard to nail down a goalie and he’s got Cam Talbot of the New York Rangers in his crosshairs. Robin Lehner, to some degree, out of Ottawa. Maybe John Gibson from the Anaheim Ducks. Eddie Lack is definitely in play and the list gets a lot longer than that.

“Now, we’re not talking about game-stealers, but Edmonton and Buffalo are in a different scenario here. Those are teams that can afford a relatively young goalie. But Cam Talbot, what is he – 26, 27 years of age. That’s usually the time where a goalie shows his development and where he’s at. Do they get much better past 27? Yeah, potentially. But you’ve got a real strong indication of where they’re headed by that time, and that’s why Talbot is so highly-regarded.

“But beyond that, I don’t hear any bigger names from a goaltending perspective. But even those players – the New York Rangers, based on the interest they’re getting in Cam Talbot, they’re just giggling in the background. They know he’s a good goalie. They know that. But they’re going to hit a home run on rate of return.

“So in terms of the market, that’s about where it’s at for the goalies.”

Source: TSN 690/ Transcript: Nichols



Darren Dreger was on Toronto’s TSN 1050 on Thursday evening.

On how the Canucks and Senators want to move a goaltender, but it sounds like Cam Talbot of the New York Rangers may be the first to be traded:

“Yeah, and they’re all linked for those reasons. Cam Talbot is a hot commodity right now. The Edmonton Oilers seem to be at the top of the list. The Buffalo Sabres pushing. The San Jose Sharks keenly interested and then you’ve got curiously Dallas and Florida kicking tires, and the Calgary Flames…

Why would Florida be kicking tires?

“Maybe just because Dale Tallon doesn’t want to miss an opportunity here and maybe there’s a side deal that he can make. I don’t know. I don’t get the sense he’s really in it, or deeply serious. And Talbot is going to want to go to the right spot. Why would you want to go into the shadow of Roberto Luongo.

“I’d be surprised if the Oilers don’t make this deal. And whoever misses out on that is going to look at Ottawa and find out what the price is for Robin Lehner, maybe Craig Anderson – and then Eddie Lack fits in that mix as well.”

Source: TSN 1050/ Transcript: Nichols

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