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Dreger: ‘Detroit seems to have a million irons in the fire’

(Daniel A. Anderson/Zumapress/Icon Sportswire)

Darren Dreger was on Montreal’s TSN 690 on Thursday morning.

On if there’s any more smoke to potential fire in the Alex Radulov-to-NHL situation:

“Not really. I mean, there’s intrigue in this guy, as you guys know. But the last time I checked, which was a week or so ago, he still wants a ton of money. And he wants a two-year contract, and he wanted upwards of $7 million per year. There’s no one in the league, as far as I can tell, that’s going to be willing to pony up that money.

McKenzie: Most teams likely want Radulov on one-year contract

“There are teams with interest. And again, Detroit seems to have a million irons in the fire. I mean Kenny Holland , he’s working overtime to renovate that roster. They have interest in Radulov, but their interest is on a one-year term, and probably around 4, 4-5. I think that if Radulov is willing to come back down to reality, and look at a shorter term like a one-year contract, and around $4-5 million, he’ll find a home. But otherwise, if he’s going to stick to the two-year term, he’s going to wait.”

Source: TSN 690/Transcript: Nichols


Dreger: ‘Detroit seems to have a million irons in the fire’

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